The Neorealist in Winter: Stories forthcoming from Autumn House Press (October 2023)

The Theory of Almost Everything published by Braddock Avenue Books (December 2018)

Mega Man 3 published by Boss Fight Books (September 2016)

Last Call in the City of Bridges published by Braddock Avenue Books (November 2012)

Video Games

RetroMania Wrestling published by RetroSoft Studios for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox (Spring 2021)

Selected Short Fiction

“Mamma-draga” in VIA: Voices in Italian Americana (Forthcoming 2023)

“The Faith Center” in Waxwing (XXVI – Winter 2022)

“The Night Owen Hart Died” in Vestal Review (59) *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Scranton 1929/Pontelandolfo 1861” in The Florida Review – Aquifer (April 2021)

“Her Final Nights” in Story Magazine (9)

“Take It Out of Me” in Another Chicago Magazine (July 2020)

“Do I Amuse You?” in Always Crashing (March 2020) *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net

“The Absolutely True Autobiography of Tony Rinaldi, the Man Who Changed Pro Wrestling Forever” in Indiana Review (Spring 2018)

“New Visionaries” in New South (Fall 2015)

“The Complete Oral History of Monkey High School” in Yemassee (Spring 2015)

“Latrell Sprewell” in Banango Street (3)

“Ronald Reagan” in Melville House (November 2012)

“The Prologue: Election Night 2008” in The Collagist (November 2012) *Excerpt from my novel Last Call in the City of Bridges

“Reggie Miller” in Had (October 2012)

“Clyde Frazier” in Wigleaf (October 2012)

“Patrick Ewing” in Used Furniture Review (May 2012)

“John Starks” in American Short Fiction (May 2012)

“John Starks Annotated” in Rap Genius (May 2012)

“There’s a Million Dead Tilapia Outside My Window, Baby (Everything Reminds Me of You)” in Untoward Magazine (April 2012)

“The Multiverse and You” in Flood Wall (1)

“Let’s Bring Abraham Lincoln Back to Life” in PANK: The Science and Fiction Issue

“The Retcon” in Stymie Magazine (Autumn/Winter 2011)

“How I Escaped Running a Hot Dog Stand at the Haunted Racetrack and Became the Greatest Volcanologist the World Has Ever Known” in Pear Noir! (6)

“Something Gordon Never Thought Himself Capable Of” in JMWW (Summer 2011)

“The Lobbers Share Thanksgiving Dinner as an Asteroid Hurtles Toward Earth” in The Emprise Review (18)

“The Ballad of Busy Hands” in Annalemma (February 2011)

“Man of Ego, Man of Hubris, Save Us From the Sun” in FRiGG (Winter 2011)

“How He Once Moved Them” in The Catalonian Review (7) *Excerpt from my novel Last Call in the City of Bridges

“Everything You Say is the Most Interesting Thing I’ve Ever Heard” in Bluestem Magazine (Winter 2010)

“Comic Book Artist Raphael McHumphries Enters the Void Through His Haunted Nintendo Entertainment System and Comes to an Epiphany About the Nature of Loss and Death” in Dark Sky Magazine (3)

“Love in the Large Hadron Collider” in PANK (November 2010)

“This is How the Century is Born” in Annalemma (7) *Excerpt from my novel Last Call in the City of Bridges

“Those Endlessly Falling Blocks and Their Holy Patterns and Prizes” in Had (November 2010)

“Stories Are How We Make Sense of the World” in Metazen (September 2010)

“The Skeleton Fingers Have a Calming Effect” in Necessary Fiction (September 2010)

“America’s Lover” in Weave (4)

“Two Aesthetes in Pittsburgh” in Corium Magazine (2)

“Fences Fly By” in Quick Fiction (16) *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Power and Light” in The Boston Literary Magazine (Winter 2009)

The New American Royalty in Folio (Winter 2008)

Creative Nonfiction (Selected)

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)” in Wig-Wag (December 2019)

“La Versione di Kitamura” in Ludica Magazine (February 2019)

“The Problem with Transactional Sex in Open-World Games” in First Person Scholar (October 2018)

“Introduction” in Mega Man 2 (2018).

Stellaris: The Final Frontier of Late Capitalism” in Cartridge Lit (October 2017)

“The Fans Who Won’t Let Mega Man Die” in Kotaku (September 2017)

“The Existential Despair of Magikarp Jump in Paste (August 2017)

Night in the Woods is the Working Class Fiction I’ve Been Waiting For” in Paste (April 2017)

“The Postmodern Brilliance of Broken Matt Hardy” in Paste (February 2017)

“You Guys Are the Best: Friendship and Grieving in Final Fantasy XV in Paste (January 2017)

“Agency on the Beautiful Treadmill: The Past, Present, and Future of Japanese Role-Playing Games” in Entropy Magazine (November 2016)

“How Mega Man Survived Losing its Creator” in Kotaku (October 2016)

“No Man’s Pokemon: Resisting Flow and Embracing Core Complexity” in Entropy Magazine (September 2016)

Blood Dragon and the Dynamic Artifact” in The Mondegreen (January 2016)

“Limitations of Little Sisters: The Tyranny of Fun” in Haywire Magazine (June 2015)

“Dr. Mario or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ascension of Video Games into a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Will Consume Us All” in Heavy Feather Review (January 2015)


“John Starks” in Continue? The Boss Fight Books Anthology (January 2015)

“A Collective Dream” in Tributaries: The Best from 25 Years of RiverCraft (Fall 2014)

“The Scranton Historian” in of Love & Death: An Anthology of Heartburn, Headaches, and Hangovers edited by Mixer Publishing (Summer 2011)

“Power and Light” in The 2010 Metazen Christmas Charity E-Book Edited by Frank Hinton (Winter 2010)

Comic Books

Montgomery X. Chesterfield, Gentleman of the 22nd Century written by Salvatore Pane and Mark Kleman with art from Kat Larkin

The Black List written by Salvatore Pane and Mark Kleman with art from Lamair Nash (April 2013 Arcana Studios)

Generation Gap written by Yonatan Berkovits with art from Doug Saquic and adapted by Salvatore Pane (Forthcoming from Arcana Studios)

Video Game Reviews

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX Proves You Can Definitely Go Home Again” in Paste (April 2017)

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is an Engaging, Absurd Romp” in Paste (January 2017)

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