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Corgi Snorkel Summer 2014 Publishing Schedule AKA ALL CORGI EVERYTHING


GREAT NEWS! Corgi Snorkel Press is proud to announce its Summer 2014 Schedule! Expect chapbooks from…

Barry Grass in June
Elizabeth Morris in July
The Chuck Kinder Chapbook Prize Winner in August!

Join us in congratulating the two newest members of the #CorgiClique, and remember, you can still submit to our Kinder Prize.


Corgi Snorkel Press announces The First Annual Chuck Kinder Honorary Chapbook Prize!

1913Theresa Beckhusen and I are so proud to announce that Corgi Snorkel Press will host The First Annual Chuck Kinder Honorary Chapbook Prize. The fact that we’re announcing this on Chuck’s birthday only sweetens the deal.

Click here for details, but we’re looking for prose chapbooks between 4,500 and 5,500 words for an August 2014 release date. Submissions are open from now until December 15th. The winner will be our fifth chapbook publication, and don’t worry, we’ll announce books three and four within the next few days.

Please share!



‘Sup? Y’all excited for the NBA pre-season? I know I am.

A few links I want to share:

1) I’ve got a new Knicks poem up at Sundog Lit for their Games Issue edited by Brian Oliu. Check it out here. Also read work from my girlfriend, Theresa Beckhusen, along with Ian Denning and Sheryl St. Germain among others.

2) Pittsburgh Quarterly gives Last Call in the City of Bridges one of its most positive and complex reviews. Let me know what  you think.

3) Ben Tanzer reviews Last Call over at This Book Will Change Your Life.

4) And finally, Michael Wayne Hampton covers my novel for Necessary Fiction.

Corgi Snorkel Chapbooks Are Now Available For Purchase

Good news, everyone! Theresa Beckhusen and I have sent out all pre-orders for our Corgi Snorkel chapbooks. That means they’re now available for purchase. Check out the finished versions here, and please consider supporting the work of Sam Martone and Karissa Chen. We think you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Corgi Snorkel Press!


UntitledI am so proud to announce that Theresa Beckhusen and I are launching Corgi Snorkel Press, a summer chapbook publisher. We’ll be releasing our first two titles this August. Learn all about Sam Martone’s Methodology and Karissa Chen’s Of Birds and Lovers on our website. You can also pre-order the standard versions for $7 each or handmade versions plus audiobooks for only $15.


Indianapolis and Tuscaloosa Lit Events: SAL PANE CHAPERONES A TRIP TO THE DEEP SOUTH


Ayo. On Friday, I’ll be reading at UIndy’s Wheeler Arts Community in Fountain Square. The event runs from 6 to 9 and free refreshments will be served. There’s transportation from campus for students, and there will be a Q&A after the reading. Also, expect lots of 8 bit music. Everything is going to be great forever!

Then, next weekend, I’m taking a van-load of UIndy students down to the University of Alabama in part of a creative writing student exchange. We’ll all be reading our work (along with Theresa Beckhusen (my co-chaperone/girlfriend), Laura Straub, Brian Oliu, and his students) on Saturday night at the Westervelt Transportation Museum. YOU SHOULD COME TO EVERYTHING.

Today is the Release Date of #GOODLitSwerveAutumn: An Anthology of Independent Literature About Kanye West

COP IT! Special thanks to Chad Redden for designing the e-book and publishing it with NAP, to Mike Rosenthal for designing the cover, to Theresa Beckhusen for proofreading the entire book, to all of the amazing contributors, and to the great one above us himself, MR. KANYE “KING SHIT” WEST.

Pictures Of People With My Books IX (GIRLFRIEND EDITION)

This is a picture of MY AMAZING, TALENTED, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND THERESA BECKHUSEN with my chapbook #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning. Do you have pictures with Last Call in the City of Bridges? Do you have pictures with #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning? If so, send them my way.

#GOODLitSwerveAutumn PREVIEW: Beckhusen, Martone, Oliu

#GOODLitSwerveAutumn Table of Contents

1 Gregory Sherl “Kanye West Poem Featuring Gregory Sherl”

2 Barry Grass “A Podiatric Videography of Kanye West”

3 Salvatore Pane “How He Once Moved Them” An Excerpt of the Novel Last Call in the City of Bridges

4 Ian Riggins “Erase One Another”

5 Joshua Patton Five Essays

6 Evan Chen “Six Fragments for Yeezy”

7 Robert Helfst “Anthem of Envy”

8 Mike Rosenthal “All Kanye on the Western Front”

9 Kait Burrier “Suffering from Realisme”

10 Sam Martone “Twice More, Again (feat. 2 Chainz)”

11 Brian Oliu “All of the Lights (5:00)”

12 Theresa Beckhusen “I Know Why the Caged Trilla Sings”

13 Rebecca King “Kanye West as told by Kanye West; or A Compilation of Fifty Kanye West Quotes arranged and remixed by Rebecca King”

14 Fred Pelzer Four Stories

15 Sarah Blake Four Poems

16 Lily Hoang “Hotness: Here’s a toast to the douchebags! Here’s a toast to the vain!”

17 Colin Rafferty “Wake Up, Doctor West: an Essayistic Exploration of a Possible Alternate History of Kanye West and African-American Musicology (in Three Acts)”