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I Can Has Author Friends?: How the Internet Alters the Reader/Writer Dynamic via PANK

I’ve got a new post on PANK‘s blog about the reader writer relationship as illuminated by Ron Marz, Tao Lin, Jonathan Franzen and the Green Lantern. DO IT.

Review of Deborah Willis’ Vanishing

Check out my review of Deborah WillisVanishing over on PANK. Support short story collections, my people.

Temple of Doom and Shit

Howdy, folks. Put up a new post at PANK in response to a reading at AWP way back in March. It’s all about what you want your writing to be like. And Temple of Doom. Beacuase, you know, Temple of Doom and shit.

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Review of Jay Varner’s Nothing Left to Burn

Hey all. Check out my review on PANK for Jay Varner’s Nothing Left to Burn.

Underrated Writers on PANK

There’s been quite a shit show in the literary blogging world after a Huffington Post post about the 15 most overrated writers in America. FUCK THAT NOISE. Check out a post about three underrated writers I wrote for PANK.


This Modern Writer Essay on PANK

Hi all. Recently I’ve been asked to blog for PANK, and although that means I’ll post less original content here, it also means I’ll probably be blogging more overall. Here’s the first thing I wrote for them, an essay for their awesome This Modern Writer series about growing up in good ol’ Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Come See My Panel At AWP 2011

Just got the good news yesterday. The panel I proposed for AWP 2011 has been accepted. Check out all the panels here. Hope to see you in DC.

The Future of the Book Review: How to Break In

Salvatore Pane, Roxane Gay, Irina Reyn, Emily Testa, Lena Valencia

The Future of the Book Review: How to Break In. The rise of the book blogger has forever altered the traditional book review. But what is the state of the book review moving forward in a digital culture, and how do interested parties actually go about becoming reviewers? Panelists including the editor of PANK, the book review editors of BOMB and Hot Metal Bridge, and published writers currently working in the field will answer these questions and more.

Review of Shane Jones’ Light Boxes

Yo guys. Check out my review of Shane Jones’ Light Boxes on PANK. It’s just been optioned by Spike Jonze, so get in on the ground floor.

Review (Essay?) About Tom Bissell’s Extra Lives

Guys. This is easily the best review I’ve written. At three pages, it’s more like a mini-essay. As Amy Whipple would say, I have a lot of feelings about Tom Bissell’s meditation on gaming, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter.

Review of Gary Fincke’s The Canals of Mars

It’s a happy day indeed. My review of Gary Fincke’s Canals of Mars just went online over at PANK‘s website. Check it out.