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Retro Video Game Finds XIII: I Found the Japanese Version of NBA Jam


During a trip back to the east coast, I had the opportunity to pick up some import games, chief among them NBA Jam for the Super Famicom. Jam is one of my all-time favorite games on any system, and I was quite eager to see if there were any differences between the English and Japanese versions. Sadly, there are not, except for the Japanese text in between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters. I also picked up two Famicom games–one, a train-themed board game, and two, a horse racing simulator. If you’re curious about how I’m playing these, it’s fairly simple. If you want to play Super Famicom games on your Super NES, just get wire cutters and break off the two tabs inside the unit right above the cartridge slot. For the Famicom, I’m using a Power Joy, but there are a bunch of ways to play Famicom games in the US. This guide details how to import for a bunch of systems.


Goodreads Giveaway for Last Call in the City of Bridges

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Hey. Do you want to read Last Call in the City of Bridges without having to pay for it? BOOM! Now you can enter this Goodreads contest and be entered in a free drawing to win signed copies of my novel and an NES or SNES game from my personal collection FOR FREE! What are you waiting for?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Last Call in the City of Bridges by Salvatore Pane

Last Call in the City of Bridges

by Salvatore Pane

Giveaway ends June 12, 2013.

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Books and Booze Podcast


Last night, mere moments after the Knicks’ excruciating loss to Boston, I recorded a podcast about Last Call in the City of Bridges with the fine folks at Books and Booze. I want to thank Renee Pickup, Jessica Taylor, and Dakota Taylor for having me. I tried to keep it together and only devolved into a long tirade about Reggie Miller once. Topics include social media, Nintendo, Weekend at Bernie’s II, and the time David James Keaton bought me a Spider-Man fighting ring for our trip to Vegas.

Play Nintendo With Me At AWP


GUYS! If you swing by the Braddock Avenue Books table (Y17), you can get a SIGNED copy of my novel and PLAY NINTENDO WITH ME. That’s right. We’re going to play NES.

I’ll be there 10:30 through noon on Thursday, and then a few other times throughout the conference. This is your opportunity to challenge the 1995 Video Game Championship II Scranton Branch Winner.

Other People With Brad Listi Episode 129 – Salvatore Pane


Guys. I’ve loved Brad Listi’s Other People podcast for a long time. Now I’m a guest. Check it out for an hour-long interview with me about Nintendo, Scranton, Catholicism, working class issues, Nixon, the Election, Kanye West, Last Call in the City of Bridges, and more.


Great Essay About The Schadenfreude Of Duck Hunt

When people think retro games from the NES era, Duck Hunt almost always comes to mind; heck, the fact that most TVs render the game impossible to play these days alone is a good reason to credit the game as retro. But there’s one trick Duck Hunt utilized that, albeit somewhat indirectly, truly made the game timeless: the power of Schadenfreude.

–Chalkey Horenstein in “Duck Hunt’s Effective Use of Epicaricacy”

Retro Video Game Finds IX or How I Bought Metal Storm For Two Dollars

Big news on the retro gaming front this weekend. I was in Minneapolis with my girlfriend for a wedding, and we had just gotten breakfast at this amazing bowling alley/theatre/brunch place. We walked outside, and I made a joke about doing some light game chasing, and lo and behold, there was a retro game arcade/store next door. Unfortunately, some twerp kid–who clearly wasn’t old enough to truly appreciate Track and Field II or Rampage–was throwing a birthday party inside, and the arcade wouldn’t open for another few hours. So we toured the neighborhood as planned and when we returned, I saw a guy on a bench in front of the arcade waiting to go in. He had two NES games and a Super Nintendo game. I figured he was planning on selling them, so I kept trying to angle myself for a better look, but he had them back label out. Finally, we were all allowed inside, and I saw him sell the games for some quarters to play the machines. I wandered over. The first title was Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt--of course–but the second was Metal Storm.


If you don’t know Metal Storm, I feel sorry for you. It’s one of the most underrated gems on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it’s pretty hard to find too. On eBay, prices routinely hover around $35, but I’ve seen them go for a lot higher and a lot lower. I’ve only seen one other copy in the wild during eight years of collecting and that was only a few weeks earlier in Indianapolis at an Exchange that wanted $45 for it. I almost picked it up then. So you can imagine how sweaty and nervous I was as I approached the counter. The games weren’t individually priced, and if you’re a collector, that’s one of the best signs. Most retro stores either inflate already ridiculous eBay prices or they mark up the common games everybody wants–Contra, Super Mario 3, Zelda–and don’t put the correct value on the harder to find games that stink. I asked the woman at the counter if I could buy Metal Storm even though it just came in. She said they usually cleaned them first, and I said I didn’t care. I think they were worried I’d return it if it didn’t work, and she even tested it in a Retro Duo. It didn’t work, but I clean all of my NES games before playing them anyway. She said the game was in poor condition–it was–but finally, she took it over to her husband and they decided to sell it to me for two dollars.


I was hoping to get it for $25. I would have gladly paid $25. To get it for $2, my god, my god. This was my best NES game find ever, right in front of finding six of the seven Bible games at a record store for $2 each. Pictures below of all my recent finds plus my girlfriend with Metal Storm and a stuffed bear cub that my grandfather murdered in cold blood.

New Angry Video Game Nerd Video Alert

Win My Novel Before It Comes Out

Contest time. The next person who pre-orders my novel Last Call in the City of Bridges from Braddock Avenue Books’ website and then sends me proof–please don’t give me your credit card info–will win a ton of stuff.

I’ll mail you an advance reader’s copy today for free. You’ll get the book way before its November 6th release date. I’ll also send you a copy of my chapbook from NAP called #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning. I’m also throwing in two of the following. IT’S YOUR CHOICE. A copy of GQ where I’ve dog eared all the stuff I want to buy–I warmed it up for you! A copy of a Clone Saga issue of Spider-Man from the mid-nineties–referenced in the book! Or a copy of Excitebike for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m signing everything.

IT’S ONLY $16!