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Moving to Tumblr


It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally moving all my blogging to Tumblr like it’s 2011. You can find me here, and I hope if you’ve read any of my ramblings from 2010-onward, you’ll stay with me. The truth is I’ve had significantly less time to blog ever since taking a job at UIndy as an Assistant Professor. Any free writing time I do have is usually spent on my novel, and it’s been difficult to muster up the energy to write the kind of posts I used to do when I was a graduate student or even when I was adjuncting. Instead, my time on the web has been diverted into livetweeting Knicks games and reposting pictures of cashmere socks or Short Circuit 2 gifs, and that’s something more in line with the Tumblr set.

However, I’m definitely going to keep this site as a kind of repository for links to published work, upcoming readings, and general bio information. I’ve fixed all the links–guys, web journals change their URLs maybe every two years, and it’s hard to keep up with–and switched to a static front page. More than anything, I just want to thank all of you who have read any of this at any point. When I started blogging in January 2010, I knew so little of the indie lit scene. I didn’t know about the myriad of venues available to us outside of the big, traditional journals, and I can’t tell you how life-affirming it’s been to meet so many young and like-minded writers from all across the country. I never thought when I started this site that it would eventually lead to making all sorts of real life friends who produce work I love and admire. The last four years have really been wonderful, and if you’ve been any part of that whatsoever, I want to thank you. You are all the John Starks of my heart.


Check Out My Knicks Season Preview At Poets On Sports

tumblr_mi2jwy8Ifz1qk9zbko1_400I’m thrilled to announce that this season I’ll be writing a weekly Knicks column over at Poets on Sports. In the meantime, check out my season preview along with predictions from Tyler Gobble, Patrick Trotti, Justin Carter, Brian Oliu, Karissa Morton, and Matt Rowan. And if you’re into livetweeting, follow me here, as I’ll be commenting along with most of the Knicks games this season.

We’re going 82-0 in swag.



‘Sup? Y’all excited for the NBA pre-season? I know I am.

A few links I want to share:

1) I’ve got a new Knicks poem up at Sundog Lit for their Games Issue edited by Brian Oliu. Check it out here. Also read work from my girlfriend, Theresa Beckhusen, along with Ian Denning and Sheryl St. Germain among others.

2) Pittsburgh Quarterly gives Last Call in the City of Bridges one of its most positive and complex reviews. Let me know what  you think.

3) Ben Tanzer reviews Last Call over at This Book Will Change Your Life.

4) And finally, Michael Wayne Hampton covers my novel for Necessary Fiction.

Goodnight Knicks

goodnight jr

In the great big Garden
There were two lonely banners
And a chubby Carmelo
And a video of
Earl going pipestrong on all

And Novak and Cope and Camby were sitting on pine
And the decapitated head of Tyson Chandler
And YA author Amar’e
And a ’95 Co-Rookie of the Year
And a rapper named Iman
And Pope Pablo and Woodson’s beard and an extra large burrito just for Ray Felton
And little old Spike who was screaming “Blue and Gold Skies Forever!”

Goodnight Garden
Goodnight Melo
Goodnight pipestrong Earl
Goodnight League Pass
And the two lonely banners dead in the rafters

Goodnight Novak, Cope, and Camby
Goodnight Breen
Goodnight Tyson’s zombie corpse
And goodnight STAT and your bones made from glass

Goodnight Clyde
And goodnight Lala
Goodnight little blogs
And goodnight Stephen A. who knows everyone personally

Goodnight Pablo
And goodnight Woody
Goodnight burrito
Goodnight Ray
And goodnight to Spike whimpering “John Starks.”

Goodnight stars
Goodnight Melo
Goodnight noises everywhere.

“And the Knicks have done it! They move on to the Eastern Conference Finals after falling behind 3-1 to the Indiana Pacers with three convincing blowouts.”



Books and Booze Podcast


Last night, mere moments after the Knicks’ excruciating loss to Boston, I recorded a podcast about Last Call in the City of Bridges with the fine folks at Books and Booze. I want to thank Renee Pickup, Jessica Taylor, and Dakota Taylor for having me. I tried to keep it together and only devolved into a long tirade about Reggie Miller once. Topics include social media, Nintendo, Weekend at Bernie’s II, and the time David James Keaton bought me a Spider-Man fighting ring for our trip to Vegas.

Rap Genius Invited Me to Annotate My Story About John Starks Called “John Starks”


This is the greatest achievement of my life.

Sweet Picture of Kurt Thomas and Dikembe Mutombo and I Think Dikembe Mutombo is Holding a Stuffed Animal Puppy Maybe?

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