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Indianapolis Lit Events or Stuart Dybek, Jennifer Egan, Frank Bill, and More!

Allstarswall-NEWThis is going to be an absolutely crazy week for readings here in Indianapolis. We’ve got major events Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Instead of droning on about how excited I am (very), I’ll just list the details below. I’ll be at all of them. Maybe I’ll see you?

Stuart Dybek 3/19 7:30pm at the University of Indianapolis

Jennifer Egan 3/20 7:30pm at Butler University

Frank Bill 3/22 7pm at the Service Center

Vouched Presents Andrew Scott and Michael Nye 3/23 7pm at Indy Reads

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Indy Lit Events or MATT BELL/KEVIN MCKELVEY/ME or Ya like to dance at all the hip hop spots And ya cruise to the crews like connect da dots Not just urban she likes the pop Cuz she was livin la vida loca

Thursday, November 15th: Matt Bell Reads for UIndy’s Kellogg Writers Series. “The series event features author Matt Bell, who will read from his work and answer questions at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in UIndy Hall A of Schwitzer Student Center. Bell teaches at Northern Michigan University, and his published work includes Cataclysm Baby, a novella, and How They Were Found, a collection of fiction. His book reviews and critical essays have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, American Book Review and The Quarterly Conversation.

ALSO Thursday, November 15th: “Thursday, at 7 p.m., Assistant Professor Kevin McKelvey will be among 20 Hoosier poets reading original works inspired by historic places at the Indiana Landmarks Center, 1201 N. Central Ave.”

Friday, November 16th: I read from my novel with Matt at Indy Reads from 8pm to 9:30. “Vouched knows how sad you are all going to be that the elections are over, meaning no more debates as excuses for drinking games. So, in true Vouched fashion, we are giving you one more debate–a literary debate. (And probably a drinking game.) It’ll go like this: Matt Bell and Sal Pane will each give their opening statements, and then Vouched founder Christopher Newgent will moderate a 15 minute debate over today’s most contentious literary controversies: the rise of the eBook as a new world superpower, the dwindling word economy, and what’s the difference between flash fiction and prose poetry anyway? Afterwards, the crowd will vote, and 5 lucky audience members will win a copy of the victor’s book.”

More info




Hang Out With Me On November 5th, One Day Before My Novel Is Published

Time to get excited, Word Scientists. For our November 2012 meetup, we’ll be welcoming a newcomer to the Indianapolis scene, Salvatore Pane (be sure to click that link to read his bio – very impressive stuff). He’s a Creative Writing professor at the University of Indianapolis, so come ready to have your minds expanded.

Perhaps most exciting of all is that his debut novel – Last Call in the City of Bridges – is set to release on November 6, the day after WordLab. Come on out to Indy Reads Books for a literary night full of reading, writing, and sharing!

Monday, November 5th. 7PM. Indy Reads Books. 911 Mass Ave. Indianapolis, IN.

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Indianapolis Lit Events or It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth/It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth/When it comes to my sound which is the champion sound/Believe!/Believe!

A Reading with Greg Schwipps and Kevin McKelvey
Greg Schwipps, winner of the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award in the Emerging Writer category, will read from his novel, What This River Keeps, and talk about how the White River influences his writing and life. Kevin McKelvey will read recent poems about the White River, both as a natural ecosystem and an industrial, agricultural, and municipal waterway. After reading, the writers will host a Q & A about the river and its literary interpretations.

This Friday. 7pm. Indy Reads. In the words of John Matrix in the film Commando, “Let’s party.”


This reading really got out of hand fast. What started out as a simple “book release party for Amber Sparks”/”welcome to Indy for Sal Pane” escalated into an all out literary brawl with the addition of Lania Knight, and the REAL PAIN: FUTURE DEAD FRIENDS TOUR 2012 making a stop with Scott McClanahan, Sam Pink, Megan Boyle, Jordan Castro, and Mallory Whitten. This line-up is a literary powerhouse that could generate electricity for a small city.

Join us at the new Indy Reads Books store at the very north end of Mass Ave., and pack your brain full of words and moments you won’t want to forget. And, maybe some you’ll want to forget. Let’s be honest. Nights like these have a way of breeding regrets alongside remembrances.

Readers Recap:
Amber Sparks
Sal Pane
Lania Knight
Scott McClanahan
Sam Pink
Megan Boyle
Jordan Castro
Mallory Whitten

This is happening September 29th at 7pm. You better be there. The gauntlet has been thrown.


Indy Lit Events or where they at where they at where they at where they at where they at where they at where they at come on now

Come out to Indy Reads to celebrate there recent opening with some awesome writers doing awesome things. Libations should be available, with all donations going to support Indy Reads and all the goodness they do to promote literacy in Indianapolis… [James Tadd Adcox] has just released his first collection of short stories, The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, and is striking out on some readings. Being a native Indianapolisian, he is coming home to show the city what he’s become, along with friends [Chadwick Redden] and [Layne Ransom] with their yelling and sloshing.

This one’s going to be dope, guys. I know all these readers personally and can VOUCH–see what I did there–for their general power and awesomeness. I’m going to be there. All these cool people will be there. It’s going down.

Location: Indy Reads, 911 Massachusetts Ave
Time: Thursday, August 16th, 7-9pm

Indianapolis Lit Events or You Wasn’t With Me Shooting In The Gym!

Roxane Gay is hosting a Word Lab TONIGHT at Indy Reads Books at 911 Mass Ave., Indianapolis. Details here.

Guys! You should totally come out for this. Lots of cool people are going to be there. Cathy Day! Chris Newgent! This bruh! Come on. Fun will be had.