People Interview Me

“Episode #140: Mega Mania!” with The Backlog Battle Podcast (September 2016)

“Small Press: Corgi Snorkel” with Brad King in The Geeky Press (December 2014)

“Success After Susquehanna” with Susquehanna University (February 2014)

“Episode 41 – Salvatore Pane” with Renee Pickup, Jessica Taylor, and Dakota Taylor in Books and Booze (May 2013)

“Episode 25 – Sal Pane” with Dirk Walker in Inside Joke (May 2013)

“UIndy’s Salvatore Pane Holds Social Media up to the Mirror” with Michelle Freed in The Indianapolis Star (March 2013)

“Episode 12: Sal Pane Interview” with Mark Poulton in Talking About Our Issues (March 2013)

“The Voice of a Very Particular Subculture: An Interview with Salvatore Pane” with Jay Varner and Patrick Culliton in Talus, Or Scree (January 2013)

“Imagination structured: East Scranton native publishes first novel, plans local reading and signing Dec. 23” with Josh McAuliffe in The Scranton Times (December 2012)

“Episode 129 – Salvatore Pane” with Brad Listi in The Other People Podcast (December 2012)

“Sal Pane Returns to Scranton for Reading” with Amye Archer in The Electric City (December 2012)

“‘I Have Naught Come Hither to Save You’: An Interview-in-Excerpts with Salvatore Pane” with Joseph Scapellato in The Collagist (November 2012)

“Salvatore Pane Last Call in the City of Bridges” with Teddy Wayne in The Huffington Post (November 2012)

“New English Professor Publishes Debut Novel” with Anna Wieseman in The Reflector (November 2012)

“Interview with Salvatore Pane” with Lexi Miller-Golub in Healthy Artists (October 2012)

“The Raw Naked Urge of Just Being Alive: A Conversation with Salvatore Pane” with Joellyn Powers in Used Furniture Review (September 2012)

“May Web Exclusive Author Salvatore Pane on why fiction is like basketball, and more” with Marian Oman in American Short Fiction (Spring 2012)

“Ask the Author: Salvatore Pane” with J. Bradley in PANK (Winter 2011)

“Mechanics and Plumbing: An Interview with Salvatore Pane” with Dan Kirk in The Fourth River (March 2011)


I Interview People

“Gaming’s Greatest Cult Hit Gets The Treatment It Deserves” with Ken Baumann and Gabe Durham in Buzzfeed (March 2014)

“An Alternate Universe of Pop Culture: A Conversation with Teddy Wayne, Author of The Love Song of Jonny Valentine in The Millions (January 2013)

“‘With a Keener Eye’: Salvatore Pane interviews Jac Jemc, author of My Only Wife” in Braddock Avenue Books (November 2012)

“I Felt Like I Was Part of Something: Advanced Fiction Exit Interview with Joellyn Powers, Faith Beck, Mike Rosenthal, Lauren Rygg, and Jordan Walsh” in HTMLGIANT (Fall 2011)

“The Rumpus Interview with Mike Rosenthal” in The Rumpus (Spring 2011)

“The Rumpus Interview with Peter Smith and Charlie Hoey, the Brains Behind the Great Gatsby Game” in The Rumpus (Spring 2011)

“A Lot of Action and a Lot of Emotional Consequences” with Andy Schmidt in (Summer 2010)

“Ask the Author: Matthew Simmons” in PANK (Spring 2010)

“Getting Down to Obsessions” with Charles Baxter in Hot Metal Bridge (Spring 2009)

“On Writing, Teaching, and the Source of Story’s Emotional Core” with Don Lee in Hot Metal Bridge (Fall 2008)

“The ‘Dark and Messy Material of Life’ Seen Through a Comedic Lens” with Tom Perrotta in Hot Metal Bridge (Spring 2008)

“Chronicling the Lives of Everyday Americans” with Stewart O’ Nan in Hot Metal Bridge (Spring 2008)