M.F.A, Creative Writing/Fiction, 2010
The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Last Call in the City of Bridges, Fiction
Summa Cum Laude

B.A. in Creative Writing, 2007
Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA
Magna Cum Laude
English Departmental High Honors
Minor: Film Studies



Graphic Novel
The Black List. Co-written with Mark Kleman. Art by Lamair Nash. Arcana Comics, 2013.

Last Call in the City of Bridges. Braddock Avenue Books, 2012.

#KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning. NAP Magazine, 2012.

Fiction in Anthologies
“John Starks.” Dangerous to Go Alone: An Anthology of Video Game Literature. Editors Justin Daugherty and Joel Haans. Cartridge Lit, (Forthcoming 2016): print.
“John Starks.” Enter Your Initials for Record Keeping. Editor Brian Oliu. Cobalt Books, 2015: 109-113.
“John Starks.” Continue? The Boss Fight Books Anthology. Editor Gabe Durham. Boss Fight Books, 2015: 187-192.
“A Collective Dream.” Tributaries: 50 Years of Susquehanna Literary Magazines. Editor Gary Fincke. Susquehanna University, 2014: 243-247.
“I am Ronald Reagan: The Game.” Prez: An Anthology of Fictional Presidential Biographies. Editor Amber Sparks. Melville House, 2012: online.
“The Scranton Historian.” Of Love and Death: Heartburn, Headaches, and Hangovers. Eds. Steve D. Owen, Rebekah Jay Hall, Deena Drewis. Mixer, 2011: 7-15.
“Power and Light.” The Metazen Christmas Chairty E-Book 2010. Editor Frank Hinton. Metazen, 2010: online.

Fiction in Periodicals
“New Visionaries.” New South (Fall 2016 – Forthcoming): print.
“The Complete Oral History of Monkey High School.” The Yemassee Journal (Spring 2015): 83-97.
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“How I Escaped Running a Hot Dog Stand at the Haunted Racetrack and Became the Greatest Volcanologist the World Has Ever Known.” Pear Noir! 6 (Summer 2011): 67-80.
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“Love in the Large Hadron Collider.” PANK 5.11 (November 2010): online.
“This Is How the Century Is Born.” Annalemma 7 (2010): 22-29.
“Those Endlessly Falling Blocks and Their Holy Patterns and Prizes.” Hobart (November 2010): online.
“Stories Are How We Make Sense of the World.” Metazen (September 2010): online.
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“Fences Fly By.” Quick Fiction 16 (Fall 2009): 36-37.
“The New American Royalty.” Folio (Winter 2008): 47-53.

Nonfiction in Periodicals
“Limitations of Little Sisters: The Tyranny of Fun.” Haywire Magazine (June 2015): online.
“Dr. Mario: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Acension of Video Games into a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Will Consume Us All.” Heavy Feather Review (January 2015): online.

Poems in Periodicals
“JR Smith.” Sundog Lit (The Games Issue): online.
“Carmelo Anthony.” FRiGG Magazine (Summer 2012): online.
“Amar’e Stoudemire.” Northville Review (July 2012): online.

Book Reviews
“Short Bus.” PANK (July 2011): online.
“The Great Frustration.” The Rumpus (May 2011): online.
“Exley.” The Rumpus (October 2010): online.
“The Physics of Imaginary Objects.” The Rumpus (September 2010): online.
“Unplugged: My Journey Into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction.” The Southeast Review (September 2010): online.
“Vanishing and Other Stories.” PANK (September 2010): online.
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“Getting Down to Obsessions with Charles Baxter.” Hot Metal Bridge (Spring 2009): online.
“On Writing, Teaching, and the Source of Story’s Emotional Core with Don Lee.” Hot Metal Bridge (Fall 2008): online.
“The ‘Dark and Messy Material of Life’ Seen Through a Comedic Lens with Tom Perrotta.” Hot Metal Bridge (Spring 2008): online.
“Chronicling the Lives of Everyday Americans with Stewart O’Nan.” Hot Metal Bridge (Spring 2008): online.

#GoodLitSwerveAutumn: An Anthology of Independent Literature About Kanye West. NAP Magazine, 2012.


Assistant Professor of English, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Courses Taught
ENG 323 Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENG121 Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing

Assistant Professor of English, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
Courses Taught
HON 490 Honors Project Short Story Collection
ENGL 479 Etchings Press
ENGL 472/572* Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop (2)
ENGL 415/515* Contemporary Literature and Culture
ENGL 405 Portfolio Completion
ENGL 399 Independent Study (2)
ENGL 379/580* Etchings Literary Journal
ENGL 371/570* Fiction Writing Workshop (2)
ENGL 270 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 220 Advanced Composition (4)
FYS 110 Superheroes or Supergods? (2)
ENGL 105 First Year Seminar in English
ENGL 101 English Composition (3)

*denotes graduate level cross-listing

Lecturer, English Department, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
Courses Taught
ENG 313 Special Topics in Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 245 Advanced Writing Workshop

Adjunct Faculty, English Department, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Courses Taught
ENGWRT 1901 Independent Study
ENGWRT 1020 Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGWRT 1010 Intermediate Fiction Workshop (2)
ENGWRT 520 Introduction to Fiction
ENGCMP 400 Written Professional Communications (2)
ENGCMP 200 Seminar in Composition (2)

Adjunct Faculty, English Department, Community College of Allegheny County – South Campus, Pittsburgh, PA
Courses Taught
ENG 102 English Composition 2 (2)
ENG 089 Basic Writing Techniques

Instructor, Young Writers Institute, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Taught creative writing to classes of 7th and 8th graders in a University of Pittsburgh summer program. Developed exercises, worked with other teachers, mentored students, and edited pieces for online and print publication.

Writing Tutor, Student Athlete Academic Support Center, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Tutored undergraduate athletes in English. Assisted on Seminar in Composition assignments and pieces for Introduction to Creative Writing.

Writing Tutor, Community Human Services, Pittsburgh, PA
Taught creative writing to underprivileged youths in an after-school program for 4th through 6th graders.

Teaching Assistant, Writing in Action Day, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA
Ran fiction and creative nonfiction workshops for high school students. Directed the flow of criticism and helped the students realize the potential of their pieces and genre.


Assistant Professor of English, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

Committee Work
Creative Writing Committee – 2015-Present
Internship Committee – 2015-Present

Assistant Professor of English, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
Director of the Creative Writing Program
Oversaw every aspect of the Creative Writing Program, including curriculum, advising, recruitment, administration, and events programming.

Internship Advisor
Developed a network of publishers for students to intern for including, but not limited to, Braddock Avenue Books, Boss Fight Books, Vouched Books, and Tiny Hardcore Press. Established relationships with presses and oversee the various internships on all levels.

Director of The Electrostatic Showcase
Founded and developed a twice-annual end-of-semester interdisciplinary showcase for students at the Wheeler Arts Center open to the public. Reached out to the mayor’s office to establish participation with the Indianapolis Neighborhood Liaison. Provide bus transportation for all students. Oversee marketing. Recruit national writers for reading segments. Manage programming.

Co-Founder of the University of Indianapolis Young Writers Workshop
Developed the Young Writers Workshop, a recruitment program for local and national high school students interested in creative writing, with Professor Kevin McKelvey. Duties include program development, management, advertising, scheduling, accommodations, curriculum development, extracurricular development, and selecting and preparing UIndy student teachers and RAs.

Co-Director of the Kellogg Writers Series
Select authors for the series. Choose selected readings from said authors for faculty and students. Set up all details of the event including scheduling, travel, and food/accommodations. Prep students to deliver public introductions.

Committee Work
Greyhound Planning Committee – 2014-2015
LP, NSE, Spring Term Task Force – 2014-2015
Digital Media Studies Committee – 2014-2015
Lecture and Performance Committee – 2014-2015
Common Reader Committee – 2014
Wheeler Arts Center Committee – 2014
Graduate Curriculum Committee – 2014
Guest Speaker Committee – 2013-2014
College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee – 2013-2014
Faculty Affairs Committee – 2013-2014
English Faculty Search Committee – 2012-2014
New Faculty Orientation Committee – 2012-2013

Creative Writing AQIP
Controlled all elements of AQIP assessment for the creative writing major and minor, including, but not limited to, development of proper data mining techniques and analysis of said data.

Graduate Program Director of the English Department
Accepted/rejected students. Organized Carmony Fellowship and summer courses. Advised students. Generated marketing/recruitment plan.

Thesis Advisor, Creative Writing MFA Department, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
Advised theses for five MFA students in creative writing. Suggested reading lists, edited student manuscripts, and mentored students during every step of the thesis process.

Adjunct Faculty, English Department, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Committee Work
Composition Curriculum Committee – 2011-2012
Writing Events and Awards Committee – 2010-2011
Creative Writing Curriculum Committee – 2010-2011

Faculty Advisor, Pitt Poetry Club
Focused on recruitment, planning, and agenda.

Faculty Advisor, Brackenridge Fellowship
Oversaw a student’s fellowship project and independent study in creative writing.


University of Indianapolis Faculty Achievement Award
Awarded a $1,000 prize for producing noteworthy research and teaching during the 2013-2014 year. Was chosen from a pool of all University of Indianapolis faculty members.

Raji-Syman Visiting Writer
Was selected as a Susquehanna University’s Raji-Syman Visiting Writer along with George Saunders, Ann Pancake, Eula Biss, and others.

University of Indianapolis Co-Leader Travel Grant
Was awarded $2,400 to co-lead a group of spring term students enrolled in the University of Indianapolis Hiroshima Peace Study Course. Helped plan and lead the trip which involved visits to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kyoto, discussions with atom bomb survivors, and research in Japanese archives.

Books and Booze’s Best Books of the Year
For Last Call in the City of Bridges.

Big Other’s Best Books of the Year
For Last Call in the City of Bridges.

Vouched’s Best Books of the Year
For Last Call in the City of Bridges.

Turow-Kinder Award in Fiction
Won an award judged by novelist Stewart O’Nan for the best work of fiction produced by a University of Pittsburgh graduate student over the course of the 2009-2010 academic year.

The Best of the Web Anthology Nomination
Nominated for inclusion in Dzanc’s Best of the Web anthology by We Are Champion for my short story “Kanye West Saved From Drowning.”

Wigleaf’s Top 50 [Very] Short Fictions of 2010 Shortlist
Shortlisted by Wigleaf for my short story “Fences Fly By.”

Pushcart Prize, Nominated
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Quick Fiction for my short story “Fences Fly By.”


Certificate in Composition, Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Completed all necessary coursework to obtain my Certificate in Composition, Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric. Displayed a personal interest in the teaching of composition at the collegiate level and took multiple classes intended to develop my pedagogy including Topics in Fiction, Writing and Class, Digital Media Studies and Independent Study: Seminar in Course Design, an offering I created with the former head of the Composition Studies program.


Engaging Communities: Moving Composition Beyond Classroom Walls, Watson Conference 2014, Louisville, KY
Discussed strategies for using service learning in composition classrooms and how to move student work from inside university walls to the broader community.

Should I Go to Grad School: Strategies for Advanced Degrees and the Job Market, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
Organized a panel of faculty members explaining the ins-and-outs of graduate school to undergraduates, in addition to the practicalities of a job search with only a BA.

Landing the Tenure-Track Job without a Book: What to Expect in the Job Market, AWP 2013, Boston, MA
Participated in a panel that outlined what the job search market is like for adjuncts transitioning to the tenure stream pre-book.

Vampire by Vampire: Genre Writing and the Creative Writing Workshop, AWP 2012, Chicago, NY
Participated in a panel that explored if and how workshop teachers on the undergraduate level should include genre conventions in the classroom.

An Introduction to Comic Book Writing, Writer’s Café at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Prepared a seminar that introduces undergraduate students to the forms and conventions of comic book writing at Writer’s Café, a series open to all University of Pittsburgh students interested in creative writing.

Career Seminar for Chatham MFA Students, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
Participated in a panel designed to explain to MFA students studying creative writing how to send out their work for publication and how to begin entering the academic world. Presented alongside the Editor-in-Chief of Ploughshares, Ladette Randolph.

The Future of the Book Review: How to Break In, AWP 2011, Washington, D.C.
Moderated and participated in a panel designed to break down the effects of the book blogger on the traditional book review and explain how to break into the industry. Presented with Roxane Gay among others.


Co-Editor-in-Chief, Corgi Snorkel Press, Indianapolis, IN
Solicit manuscripts for publication. Curate The Chuck Kinder Honorary Chapbook Prize. Select winner. Edit manuscripts. Publish manuscripts. Manage website. Run distribution. Generate marketing.

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief, Hot Metal Bridge: The Official Literary Journal of the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Provide guidance to current editors. Previously led editorial meetings, decided the direction and theme of issues, and promoted the magazine at AWP. Initiated an annual fiction contest judged by Tom Perrotta and a podcast series available through download on iTunes.

Editorial Assistant, Patasola Press, Brooklyn, NY
Edited manuscripts for small press publisher Patasola Press which focuses on experimental work from underrepresented groups. Interviewed writers for publicity purposes.

Short Fiction Editor, Corium Magazine
Read through submissions for Corium Magazine, an online literary journal. Participated in meetings and AWP events. Helped initiate site redesign. Selected pieces for publication in the short fiction section.

Fiction Editor, Hot Metal Bridge: The Official Literary Journal of the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Read through submissions and made the final decision on what to publish. Supervised a staff of fiction readers. Interviewed Charles Baxter, Tom Perrotta, Stewart O’Nan, Don Lee and solicited work from Jennifer Haigh and Dan Chaon. Wrote book reviews.


Contributor, Buzzfeed, The American Book Review, The Rumpus, BOMB, Poets on Sports, PANK, Dark Sky Magazine, HTMLGIANT
Wrote content on current events in the literature world for a multitude of culture websites. Conducted interviews.

Independent Manuscript Reviewer, Indiana University Press
Reviewed manuscript for publication with Indiana University Press. Wrote report and suggested whether or not manuscript was suitable for publication. Reported directly to the Assistant Editor.

Screenplay Adaptation, Benderspink/Arcana Comics
Adapted film scripts provided by Benderspink, the production studio behind The Hangover, and adapted them into comic books for Arcana Comics.

Staff Writer, Broken Frontier, Online
Wrote a weekly column on graphic novels, reviewed new work, and interviewed various artists and writers as assigned by my editor.

Staff Writer, …ISM, Selinsgrove, PA
Scanned through press kits for upcoming films and converted interviews with directors into larger essays connected to the artistic movement showcased in any particular issue.


2X2 in the Twin Cities: Fairy Tale Review, Gigantic Sequins, Sundog Lit, and Yemassee Reading at AWP, Minneapolis, MN

The Downtown Writers Jam, Vol. 3/Indianapolis Literary Pub Crawl, Indianapolis, IN

Best of RiverCraft Launch, Selinsgrove, PA

Vouched Presents at Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis, IN

Vouched Presents at Indy Reads, Indianapolis, IN

Susquehanna University Visiting Writers Series, Selinsgrove, PA

Minor Bird Launch Party Featured Reader, Pittsburgh, PA

Beep Boop: An Offsite AWP Reading of Writers Writing About Video Games, Seattle, WA

Vouched Presents Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Books and Booze LIVE, St. Louis, MO

Streamline Modern at the Tuscaloosa Transportation Museum, Tuscaloosa, AL

The Wheeler Arts Center Presents Salvatore Pane at First Friday, Indianapolis, IN

Their Curious Ambitious: A Reading About America’s Presidents at AWP, Boston, MA

A Valentine’s Day Vernacular Massacre, Louisville, KY

#BOOMSHAKALAKA: A Reading Extravaganza at the KGB Bar, New York, NY

Prose in Pubs, Scranton, PA

The University of Illinois’ Stories and Beers, Champaign, IL

Vouched Presents at Indy Reads, Indianapolis, IN

Indy WordLab, Indianapolis, IN

Wood-Fired Words, Pittsburgh, PA

Vouched Presents at Indy Reads, Indianapolis, IN

Stymie Magazine Presents the Literature of Sport at AWP, Chicago, IL

Convocation in Chicago: The Annalemma/PANK/Mud Luscious Press Reading at AWP, Chicago, IL

The University of Pittsburgh’s Speakeasy Reading Series, Pittsburgh, PA

The 15th Anniversary Celebration of the Writers Institute, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA

Lit Journal Combination: The Annalemma/Avery/La Petite Zine Release Party, Brooklyn, NY

The University of Pittsburgh’s Panther Hollow Reading Series, Pittsburgh, PA

Divination in DC: The Annalemma/PANK/Mud Luscious Press Reading at AWP, Washington, DC

Pittsburgh Small Press Festival Finale/Weave 4 Launch, Pittsburgh, PA

The University of Pittsburgh’s Creative Writing Awards Ceremony, Pittsburgh, PA

The Panther Hollow Reading Series, Pittsburgh, PA

The Fuel and Fuddle Reading Series, Pittsburgh, PA


Matt Bell
Assistant Professor
Arizona State University
Department of English

Cathy Day
Assistant Chairperson
Ball State University
Department of English