Salvatore Pane

Month: February, 2014

Success After Susquehanna Interview


In 2006, I got my finger stuck in a Molson bottle. In 2014, I was interviewed as part of the Success After Susquehanna series.

Started from the bottom.


Party W/Me at AWP or I Came From Nowhere and Now They’re Mad ‘Cuz I’m Doing a Little Stunting

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AWP! AWP! AWP! Let’s hang out and be forever buds. I’m reading with glorious people. LET’S CONNECT ON THIS NEXT LEVEL ISH.

Featuring readings from

Andrew Booth
Gabe Durham
Lucy Hitz
Brian McGuigan
Brian Oliu
Salvatore Pane
Sheryl St. Germain
Dillon J. Welch
Joshua Young