Goodnight Knicks

by Salvatore Pane

goodnight jr

In the great big Garden
There were two lonely banners
And a chubby Carmelo
And a video of
Earl going pipestrong on all

And Novak and Cope and Camby were sitting on pine
And the decapitated head of Tyson Chandler
And YA author Amar’e
And a ’95 Co-Rookie of the Year
And a rapper named Iman
And Pope Pablo and Woodson’s beard and an extra large burrito just for Ray Felton
And little old Spike who was screaming “Blue and Gold Skies Forever!”

Goodnight Garden
Goodnight Melo
Goodnight pipestrong Earl
Goodnight League Pass
And the two lonely banners dead in the rafters

Goodnight Novak, Cope, and Camby
Goodnight Breen
Goodnight Tyson’s zombie corpse
And goodnight STAT and your bones made from glass

Goodnight Clyde
And goodnight Lala
Goodnight little blogs
And goodnight Stephen A. who knows everyone personally

Goodnight Pablo
And goodnight Woody
Goodnight burrito
Goodnight Ray
And goodnight to Spike whimpering “John Starks.”

Goodnight stars
Goodnight Melo
Goodnight noises everywhere.