Two Reviews, a Podcast, and a Pizza Place (HAHA GET IT? LIKE THAT VAN WILDER TV SHOW LOL :))

by Salvatore Pane


You want some Last Call in the City of Bridges updates? No? Fine. Would you like to hear my long, rambling thoughts about the time Chris Childs punched Kobe Bryant in the face?

Please come back. I need approval via social media to live.

Ian Denning wrote a really complex, intriguing review of Last Call here. Check it out. This is the kind of dialogue I really hoped my book would be involved in as we were gearing up to publish it. I can’t express how humbling getting a review like this is.

Also, check out the homer view from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Finally, for the more comic-savvy crowd, I sat down with Mark Poulton for the Talking About Our Issues podcast over at Image Addiction. We mostly talk about comic books and The Black List (my graphic novel which is available here digitally before it’s released physically here later this year), but we also talk Last Call.