Confirmation That Rider Strong Will Be Part Of The New Boy Meets World Spinoff?

by Salvatore Pane

If you don’t know about Girl Meets World, I don’t even want to know you anymore. Your human card should be revoked, and we loyal Boy Meets World fans should strap you to a rocket and fire you at the sun. You remember this shit?


Boy Meets World is back in the form of Girl Meets World, a spinoff that will follow Cory and Topanga’s child. There are many questions. Does this invalidate the future episode of BMW? Or is this new spinoff an alternate timeline ala the Star Trek reboot? ALL I KNOW IS THIS SHIT IS AWESOME.

Let’s talk casting. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage are back. DIP. But what about Feeny? Eric? Shawn? What about the college cast? What about Cory’s parents? Will Peter Tork still be Topanga’s father? If so, will the rest of the Monkees resume their roles?

Rider Strong shed some light on the situation yesterday, claiming he had no official involvement in the show. But then, moments ago, look at what he tweeted:

Having dinner with @BenSavage, @daniellefishel & #WillFriedle this week. Can’t wait.

There is no way this is a coincidence. The band is getting back together to teach a new generation about what happens when you drop a cherry bomb in a mailbox. Now, will Adam Scott resume his role as Griff? AND WHEN WILL WILL FRIEDLE GET A TWITTER, OR DOES HE ONLY EXIST IN HASHTAG FORM NOW? ONLY TIME WILL TELL, FELLOW BOY MEETS WORLD FANS.