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Month: November, 2012

HTMLGIANT Reviews LAST CALL/An Interview With The Collagist


HTMLGIANT reviewed Last Call in the City of Bridges.

Here’s an interview-in-excerpts I did with The Collagist.

I am very happy.


Confirmation That Rider Strong Will Be Part Of The New Boy Meets World Spinoff?

If you don’t know about Girl Meets World, I don’t even want to know you anymore. Your human card should be revoked, and we loyal Boy Meets World fans should strap you to a rocket and fire you at the sun. You remember this shit?


Boy Meets World is back in the form of Girl Meets World, a spinoff that will follow Cory and Topanga’s child. There are many questions. Does this invalidate the future episode of BMW? Or is this new spinoff an alternate timeline ala the Star Trek reboot? ALL I KNOW IS THIS SHIT IS AWESOME.

Let’s talk casting. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage are back. DIP. But what about Feeny? Eric? Shawn? What about the college cast? What about Cory’s parents? Will Peter Tork still be Topanga’s father? If so, will the rest of the Monkees resume their roles?

Rider Strong shed some light on the situation yesterday, claiming he had no official involvement in the show. But then, moments ago, look at what he tweeted:

Having dinner with @BenSavage, @daniellefishel & #WillFriedle this week. Can’t wait.

There is no way this is a coincidence. The band is getting back together to teach a new generation about what happens when you drop a cherry bomb in a mailbox. Now, will Adam Scott resume his role as Griff? AND WHEN WILL WILL FRIEDLE GET A TWITTER, OR DOES HE ONLY EXIST IN HASHTAG FORM NOW? ONLY TIME WILL TELL, FELLOW BOY MEETS WORLD FANS.


Great Essay About The Schadenfreude Of Duck Hunt

When people think retro games from the NES era, Duck Hunt almost always comes to mind; heck, the fact that most TVs render the game impossible to play these days alone is a good reason to credit the game as retro. But there’s one trick Duck Hunt utilized that, albeit somewhat indirectly, truly made the game timeless: the power of Schadenfreude.

–Chalkey Horenstein in “Duck Hunt’s Effective Use of Epicaricacy”

Pictures Of People With My Books XVI (Mom Edition)

This is a picture of my mom reading my novel. Do you have pictures with Last Call in the City of Bridges? Do you have pictures with #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning? If so, send them my way.

Retro Video Game Finds X or THE RISE OF THE ODYSSEY 300 or I’m Using a Vic-20 Computer at Work

I’ve found a lot of great retro scores recently. The one I’m most excited about is that beautiful yellow Odyssey 300. I already have the vastly superior Odyssey 3000–if you want a dedicated Pong machine, get that–but that 300 has its charms, namely the pop future design. I snagged this at a swap meet in the Indianapolis Fairgrounds for ten bucks along with the two Sega Saturn games and a not-pictured Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast for another seven. The Odyssey was a bit difficult to hook up to a CRTV, but with a few adapters and C batteries, I had the thing up and running eventually.

The Dreamcast is a system I fondly recall from college. There were so many nights when we’d stumble back from the bar and play Sega Bass Fishing or Power Stone II or even Seaman for hours. So after years of wanting one, I finally broke down and picked one up for twenty-five. I also bought Sonic Adventure and Virtua Tennis for five combined.

The last picture is from my office. Before the Odyssey 300, I had twelve retro systems hooked up to my television. I thought thirteen would be one too many, so I carted the behemoth that is the Vic-20 to my office. I haven’t been able to program a word processor yet, but I’m hoping to build one soon. At the very least, I’m enjoying the stunned looks of confusion from students and co-workers alike.

My Pal Robert Peluso KILLS IT

It is unnerving, in this context, not only that Halloween was postponed with little more reason than because it could be but also that a number of major retailers moved Black Friday to the Thursday reserved for Thanksgiving, as if these days were nothing more than manipulable layers of a graphic designer’s Photoshop file to be cut and pasted wherever we choose on the calendar.  This kind of action, and our willingness to acquiesce to it, raises the stakes considerably.  It is not the same as, say, the Puritans putting the story of New England at the end of a biblical world history.  Now, we are tinkering with the very construction of the construct.  The idea of coherent narrative vanishes, leaving only manipulation in its place.

–Robert Peluso on Braddock Avenue Books

Ten Years of PTI LeBron Debates Cut Into a 15 Minute Narrative



Neat Double Dragon Retrospective

Pictures Of People With My Books XV (Collared Shirt Edition)

These are pictures of Jay Monahan and Brian Joos reading my novel. Do you have pictures with Last Call in the City of Bridges? Do you have pictures with #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning? If so, send them my way.