#GOODLitSwerveAutumn Table of Contents

by Salvatore Pane

1 Gregory Sherl “Kanye West Poem Featuring Gregory Sherl”

2 Barry Grass “A Podiatric Videography of Kanye West”

3 Salvatore Pane “How He Once Moved Them” An Excerpt of the Novel Last Call in the City of Bridges

4 Ian Riggins “Erase One Another”

5 Joshua Patton Five Essays

6 Evan Chen “Six Fragments for Yeezy”

7 Robert Helfst “Anthem of Envy”

8 Mike Rosenthal “All Kanye on the Western Front”

9 Kait Burrier “Suffering from Realisme”

10 Sam Martone “Twice More, Again (feat. 2 Chainz)”

11 Brian Oliu “All of the Lights (5:00)”

12 Theresa Beckhusen “I Know Why the Caged Trilla Sings”

13 Rebecca King “Kanye West as told by Kanye West; or A Compilation of Fifty Kanye West Quotes arranged and remixed by Rebecca King”

14 Fred Pelzer Four Stories

15 Sarah Blake Four Poems

16 Lily Hoang “Hotness: Here’s a toast to the douchebags! Here’s a toast to the vain!”

17 Colin Rafferty “Wake Up, Doctor West: an Essayistic Exploration of a Possible Alternate History of Kanye West and African-American Musicology (in Three Acts)”