Another Tuesday, Another Five Stories About Presidents

by Salvatore Pane

“Most everyone knows George Washington as the first President of the United States and the boy who, after chopping down his father’s cherry tree, claimed, ‘I cannot tell a lie, Pa.’ That this claim is widely discredited has not diminished its popularity or the assurance that a strong moral register was, and remains, at the core of our country’s character.

But surely there’s still more to Washington than what’s been fed to us in books and by politicians, surely his dark moments held him back as much as his shining moments carried him forward …

We’re only a short while away from the next election. And while it’s still unclear who will win and help usher in the future, it’s an opportune time to look to the past, to the presidents who’ve come and gone; to reexamine their lives, their myths, their policies.

Every Tuesday right up to Election Day Melville House is presenting stories that creatively interpret the legacies of the men who’ve held this land’s highest office.

44 presidents, 44 writers, 44 stories.”