“Whether an artwork is good or not is an entirely different question from whether you like the artwork or not.”

by Salvatore Pane

Blake has stated, over at Vice, that he doesn’t want to read any more books about straight white people having sex. Stephen has stated, right here, that he is prepared to read many more novels about people fucking. There are substantial differences in these claims that we could pause to examine (‘don’t want to read’ vs. ‘am prepared to read’; ‘straight white people’ vs. ‘people’; ‘sex’ vs. ‘fucking’), but forgive me if I let those subtleties drop. Because I would rather observe that, if this is the scope of the debate, then it’s akin to one person saying, ‘I am tired of books about dogs, and no longer want to read more novels about them,’ to which someone else replies, ‘I’m still willing to read some canine fiction.’

-A.D. Jameson in HTMLGIANT