Win My Novel Before It Comes Out

by Salvatore Pane

Contest time. The next person who pre-orders my novel Last Call in the City of Bridges from Braddock Avenue Books’ website and then sends me proof–please don’t give me your credit card info–will win a ton of stuff.

I’ll mail you an advance reader’s copy today for free. You’ll get the book way before its November 6th release date. I’ll also send you a copy of my chapbook from NAP called #KanyeWestSavedFromDrowning. I’m also throwing in two of the following. IT’S YOUR CHOICE. A copy of GQ where I’ve dog eared all the stuff I want to buy–I warmed it up for you! A copy of a Clone Saga issue of Spider-Man from the mid-nineties–referenced in the book! Or a copy of Excitebike for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m signing everything.

IT’S ONLY $16!