Salvatore Pane

Month: April, 2012

Check Out the New Issue of Montgomery X. Chesterfield, Gentleman of the 22nd Century

Yo bros. I’ve got a new webcomic with art from Kat Larkin that I’m co-writing with Mark Kleman. The second issue is out. Peep it here. If you want to start at the beginning, click here.


Drake on Writing

“I write Peach Ciroc poems. When that Peach Ciroc comes into my head and starts hitting the blood stream, the words start flowing… Some nights I’ll be in the club and start thinking… It gets emotional.”


Writing Advice From Carmelo Anthony

“I don’t think I’ve felt like this in a while, just feeling good about myself, feeling good about my body, where I’m at physically, where I’m at mentally. Everything is clear. I have a lot of clarity right now. Everything is just fun.”

Pittsburgh Lit Events or Cradle to the Grave/to the pattern produced on a photosensitive medium that has been exposed by holography & then photographically developed

Guys. Guess what. I’m MCing a lit journal launch this weekend. So from now on you can call me MC Salvatore Bring the Pane. Or MC sizSAL2k which was my Instant Messenger name in high school. Whatever. Come on out. Shit’s going to be dope.