Selinsgrove Lit Events or Party In The City Where The Heat Is On/All Night In The Club Till The Break Of Dawn/Welcome To [Selinsgrove]/Bienvenido A [Selinsgrove]

by Salvatore Pane

On Saturday, September 17th I’ll complete a huge personal goal of mine by returning to Susquehanna University to do a reading! It’s the 15th anniversary of the Writers Institute and to celebrate, there’s going to be a reunion and reading at 5pm in the Degenstein Gallery during homecoming. Gary Fincke will be there! Tom Bailey will be there! And the lineup is extremely impressive.

Jay Varner
Nick Ripatrazone
Shanna Powlus Wheeler
Sarah Turcotte
Alexis Czencz Belluzzi

I’m so humbled to be reading with this group and at Susquehanna no less. So if you’re around Central PA next month, definitely make it a point to drive down to the gorgeous campus. There will be readings. There will be homecomings. There will be mayhem.