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Month: August, 2011

Doomsday Fiction Reading List

This semester I’m teaching two intermediate fiction workshops, one at the University of Pittsburgh and one at Chatham University. I’m really excited to teach both classes–in addition to my written professional communication class–and I thought, like last semester, that I’d share my reading list. Christopher Higgs just posted his over at HTMLGIANT, and I wish more people would. I’m always interested in seeing what exactly teachers are giving to their students as models. This year’s version of the class is a synthesis of the two other times I’ve taught a fiction workshop. I took what I thought were the most successful of the readings–not what the students liked best because those aren’t always the same–and combined them into one mega course. The plan is that next semester, if I’m lucky enough to teach additional workshops, I’ll add a bunch of stories–around 25%–that I haven’t taught before just to keep things interesting.

Keep in mind. I’m obviously very interested in showing students the classics IN ADDITION to the hyper contemporary folks, but my usual stance is that if everyone in the class has already read “A&P”, I’ll pull an audible and assign something else. However, I also think it’s my responsibility to make sure these kids don’t end up in major cap classes without knowing who Carver and Flannery O’Connor and Baldwin are. That can’t happen.

Jennifer Egan A Visit from the Goon Squad
Justin Taylor “Tetris”
Amelia Gray “Dinner”
Donald Bartheleme “The School”
John Updike “A&P”
Raymond Carver “Cathedral”
Lorrie Moore “How to Become a Writer”
Anton Chekhov “The Lady with the Pet Dog”
Joyce Carol Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”
Tim O’Brien “The Things They Carried”
Barry Hannah “Testimony of Pilot”
James Alan McPherson “Why I Like Country Music”
A.M. Homes “The Former First Lady and the Football Hero”
Jonathan Lethem “Super Goat Man”
George Saunders “CivilWarLand in Bad Decline”
ZZ Packer “Dayward”
Richard Yates “The Best of Everything”
Wells Tower “The Brown Coast”
Wells Tower “Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned”
Ethan Canin “The Year of Getting to Know Us”
Tobias Wolff “Bullet in the Brain”
Lorrie Moore “People Like That Are the Only People Here”
Flannery O’ Connor “Everything That Rises Must Converge”
Dan Chaon “Big Me”
James Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues”
Rick Moody “The Apocalyptic Commentary of Bob Paisner”
Andre Dubus “The Fat Girl”
Jamaica Kincaid “Girl”
Matt Bell “His Last Great Gift”


NYC Lit Events or Y’all Gon Make Me Act A Fool/Up In Here/Up In Here

I like Patasola Press. A lot. It’s a thing now. I first became aware of them a few months ago at a Weave/Pear Noir!/Caper Literary Journal event here in Pittsburgh. Rae Bryant was reading from her awesome collection The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals which was published by Patasola. I’d read with Rae before at Remedy, and she introduced me to Lisa Marie Basile, who runs the press. A few months later, Lisa posted an open call on Facebook looking for editorial help, and I was very glad to join the team. I love the indie press, guys. I love the indie press.

Anyway, Patasola is throwing an event this weekend, and it totally bums me out that I’m not going to be able to go (mostly due to money, and mostly because it’s the same weekend as one of my fantasy football drafts… whatever, readers. I don’t care. Gosh). But you can go. You can go! Especially if you’re anywhere close to New York. I’m going to cease my blabbering here and just post the event details straight from Patasola. Check it out, and if you go, please let me know how it went.

The Poetry Society of New York (the founders of the New York Poetry Festival and The Poetry Brothel) and New York-based Patasola Press are teaming up to present an event of mythical proportions. Chimerical beasts, writers and poets alike will read you poetry and folklore.

Patasola Press will present and celebrate their Anthology of Mytholgy, Female Writers’ Anthology, Siren Series Chapbook writer T.M. De Vos and Rae Bryant’s PEN/Hemingway-nominated The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals.

Dress like your favorite mythical creature! Patasola Press authors will read their work and The Poetry Society of New York/The Poetry Brothel will read poetry and work of mythology. White wine as well as beer will be sold.

Patasola Press will also collection donations for their fundraising campaign:

Featured readers include, at this time:


Patasola’s Playground
Saturday, August 20th
Governors Island, Building 410A*

Directions and schedule of ferry here:

Selinsgrove Lit Events or Party In The City Where The Heat Is On/All Night In The Club Till The Break Of Dawn/Welcome To [Selinsgrove]/Bienvenido A [Selinsgrove]

On Saturday, September 17th I’ll complete a huge personal goal of mine by returning to Susquehanna University to do a reading! It’s the 15th anniversary of the Writers Institute and to celebrate, there’s going to be a reunion and reading at 5pm in the Degenstein Gallery during homecoming. Gary Fincke will be there! Tom Bailey will be there! And the lineup is extremely impressive.

Jay Varner
Nick Ripatrazone
Shanna Powlus Wheeler
Sarah Turcotte
Alexis Czencz Belluzzi

I’m so humbled to be reading with this group and at Susquehanna no less. So if you’re around Central PA next month, definitely make it a point to drive down to the gorgeous campus. There will be readings. There will be homecomings. There will be mayhem.

My Review of Watch the Throne

Phase 1 of Building a Student Army

Above, you will find a new section of my website marked “Students”. Click it and you will discover their published fiction, reviews, interviews, and more. They will rise up and destroy us all.