by Salvatore Pane

BEHOLD! You can now buy a short story of mine on your Kindle future machines for only 99 cents! After the always wonderful Flatmancrooked went defunct awhile back, Steve Owen and the fine folks at Mixer Publishing saved some of the material that had been lost to the internet intended for the next print volume of FMC. “The Scranton Historian”, which I’ll get to in a minute, is mine, but first I’d like to point out some of the cool stuff you can get digitally from Mixer before their site launches later this week.

Click here, and you can see everything Mixer has published so far. Their first anthology is called of Love & Death: Heartburn, Headaches, and Hangovers. Each story is 99 cents and there are some great writers like Kate Braverman, Myfanwy Collins, Tom Bonfiglio, and more.

So “The Scranton Historian”. Like I said, this one appeared in Flatmancrooked awhile back, but I actually wrote it in the long, long ago of 2009, in a writing workshop run by Irina Reyn to be specific. It’s about a down on his luck high school history teacher, and what’s especially interesting to me after rereading it is that I wrote it a year before I ever taught a class myself. This one kind of holds a special place for me because it was written right around the time when I started getting better at writing and actually having luck publishing things. I’d only published one story while I was working on “The Scranton Historian” but I was really hopeful that two straight years of nothing but  rejection were about to pay off. And I’m so glad it’s going to exist again in a way where people can read it.

To sum up: Mixer. Read their shit. Go submit.