Download the Tuscaloosa eBook

by Salvatore Pane

I meant to post about this yesterday. My pal Brian Oliu has put together an eBook of Tuscaloosa writers in the wake of the natural disaster which ravaged the Alabama town. You need to download Tuscaloosa Runs This. There are a lot of writers you know (Michael Martone!) and a lot to discover. But more importantly, please consider donating. Links, roster, and cover below.

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Andrew Grace
Jason McCall
Matt Maki
Lauren Gail
Juan Carlos Reyes
Megan Paonessa
Jeremy Allan Hawkins
Caleb Johnson
Darren Demaree
Kori Hensell
Kate Lorenz
Pia Simone Garber
Ellie Isenhart
Joseph P. Wood
Laura Kochman
Madison Langston
B.J. Hollars
Barry Grass
Katie Jean Shinkle
Jessica Fordham Kidd
Alan May
Michael Martone
Erik Wennermark
Erin Lyndal Martin
Steven Casimer Kowalski
Sam Martone
Kirk Pinho
Colin Rafferty
Josh Tucker
Brooke Parks
Robin Mozer
Brooke Champagne
Alex Chambers
Chris Mink
Adam Weinstein
Nik De Dominic
Jessy Scivley
Elizabeth Wade
Danie Vollenweider
Farren Stanley
MC Hyland
Betsy Seymour